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A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

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Here’s a preview for Fairy Tail 38 by Hiro Mashima! Out today in print and digitally for Nook, Kindle and iBooks!


In the final matches of the Grand Magic Games, a wounded Erza struggles against a sadistic Minerva who can twist space itself, Gajeel sinks into the shadows against a powered-up Rogue, and Laxus faces down impossible odds against Jura, the world’s fifth-strongest wizard. But as the Games end, the kingdom prepares for a day Natsu never thought he’d see: the return of the dragons!

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The pain of getting hit, the frustration of losing, the joy of winning, all of that. They’ve been driven into this body, these fists, and this head. It becomes my strength in the next fight. All of my battles up to now, those memories, they’re all of my power! The power that’s gonna knock you for a loop is my memories!

Gray Fullbuster to Rufus (Fairy Tail 2 Episode 4)

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Anonymous asked: Can you name your 3 favorite paring and reason why u ship them and things that bother u about the ship?


Top three favorite pairings:


I’m a sucker for childhood friend relationships. And unlike most people, I didn’t notice the NaLu action in the beginning. xD So I ended up loving NaLi first. I ship it so hard djkfhjksdhfkdjs
When she came back I was crying buckets.

The thing I don’t like about this ship is that they barely have any action anymore. NaLu is adorable, really, but my heart will break in tiny pieces that can’t be fixed if NaLi doesn’t become canon.


Jerza. JERZA. Again, childhood friends. The fact that he gave her her last name kills me every time. Another big thing would be when he got arrested. Rewatching that whole Oracion Seis Arc, I teared up multiple times. Obviously, I lost it when Erza cried. Then the SPOILER ALERT kiss scene, so much sexual tension ugh. END OF SPOILER. I have a lot of feels for this ship too.

What I don’t like about this ship is that it’s so hard watching them so close to getting together. Oh, and the haters of Jellal.


GaLe is such a cute pairing. They’re such tsunderes it’s great. “I will make you big.” OUCH MY HEART.

What I don’t like about this ship is how it’s not canon.



I don’t remember well how I got into NaLu. XD But in episode 1 I already thought they could make a cute pairing but probably I started shipping those two in the Phantom Lord arc. I love how they protect each other in their own way. Especially with Natsu. For a guy to act that serious towards the person who wants to hurt Lucy(Phantom Lord Arc and Edolas Arc) , a woman whom he just met just shows that they already formed a special bond between them. I know most of the people don’t see this, but mehh, I’m a sucker for these kind of relationships.
Nothing really bothers me with this ship. Maybe there is but that’s just personal reasons (Like a few GrayLu and NaLi fans who ignores the fact that NaLu can happen, not to mention the Lucy haters). NaLi is the only strong ship that can rival NaLu but as of now, even with Lisanna back there are barely interactions between her and Natsu, and Lucy and Natsu are almost always together so I think as of the moment I have nothing to worry about. But I still don’t know what’s going on at the back of Natsu’s mind, maybe that is also one thing that’s bothering me.


Again Phantom Lord arc, when Gray is the first one to show Juvia how beautiful life can be. (The whole the rain stop thing and the skies started to clear up) I know it’s silly but I love that. Then with the Tenrou Arc, how Gray saved Juvia is really cool. I had goosebumps with that one since no one is there to save Juvia T^T and then Gray pops out all of a sudden.

Again, the only thing that bothers me with this ship,is I don’t know what Gray thinks of Juvia or rather his feelings for her.


Just like NaLu, they met when they were kids, they formed a special bond then they got separated TT^TT then a lot of painful things happen. I love how Jellal gave Erza her last name . It’s just so sweet. I always cry bucket of tears whenever I reread or rewatch the Oracion Seis Arc. When Jellal got arrested, I feel like I’m crying with Erza. I just want them to be to have their happy ending because they both deserve that.

Jellal and Erza’s feelings for each other is almost canon, they just don’t admit it directly(and they honestly don’t need too because it’s pretty obvious I bet Natsu even knows it XD) However the only thing I’m worrying about right now is there’s a  chance that Kagura might kill Jellal (Oops! Spoiler) and all these rumors about Jellal going to die. (It’s not even going to die, the draft just said Farewell, Jellal)



Pisceans have a good heart. They are caring and will love others even at their worst because they usually don’t see flaws in people. They care about others and may even readily sacrifice your needs and desires for those you really care about.


Pisceans have a good heart. They are caring and will love others even at their worst because they usually don’t see flaws in people. They care about others and may even readily sacrifice your needs and desires for those you really care about.